Logic Gates Tutor

The Gate is a digital component that is used to compute an output for certain inputs, the inputs and outputs have two states high-1 and low- 0. Let us assume high is 5V and low is 0V (like in CMOS). On a high level the LED will light up and on a low level the LED is off. Now let us see what Logic means.

Logic Gates Page with all gates -  Logic Gates All

These Gadgets helps beginners learn some digital circuit concepts. The Digital Logic is Studied by operating Switches and observing LEDs on a Virtual Breadboard. Lead Free.

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Logic Gates Tutor

Below are the Tutorials i made much earlier, these were later packaged into iGoogle Gadgets. You can also see Astable 555, and Preset counter and Digital Timer in this site. Developed from these. Digital Timer and Clocks were made for iGoogle, recently.

Digital Logic Gates
The Source code is at delabs-dapj/digital